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php-pear-Mail-Mime - Classes to create and decode mime messages

A Package to enable easy creation of complex multipart emails. If you look for
a simple API for creating such emails, then Mail_Mime class will probably
suffice. Else you can use Mail_mimePart, which gives you better control about
MIME creation
License: PHP License Group: development/libraries
URL: http://pear.php.net/package/Mail_Mime Source: php-pear-Mail-Mime-1.8.7-2.rhel6.fio.src.rpm


Latest: php-pear-Mail-Mime-1.8.7-2.rhel6.fio.noarch.rpm
Name Epoch Version Release Arch Size Built
php-pear-Mail-Mime 0 1.8.7 2.rhel6.fio noarch 37 KiB 2014-01-10 23:00:42


* 2007-05-16 - Brandon Holbrook <fedora at theholbrooks[DOTORG]> 1.4.0-1
- Upgraded to 1.4.0
* 2006-09-06 - Brandon Holbrook <fedora at theholbrooks[DOTORG]> 1.3.1-8
- Remove quotes from 'install' in %post section (rpmlint has been fixed)
- More specific BR: php-pear EVR
* 2006-09-05 - Brandon Holbrook <fedora at theholbrooks[DOTORG]> 1.3.1-7
- New PEAR packaging standards
* 2006-06-28 - Brandon Holbrook <fedora at theholbrooks[DOTORG]> 1.3.1-6
- Replaced version dependency for BuildRequires: php-pear :)
* 2006-06-28 - Brandon Holbrook <fedora at theholbrooks[DOTORG]> 1.3.1-5
- Added Requires: php
- Removed version dependencies for php-pear(PEAR)
- Fixed incorrect URL line

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