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gobject-introspection - Introspection system for GObject-based libraries

GObject Introspection can scan C header and source files in order to
generate introspection "typelib" files.  It also provides an API to examine
typelib files, useful for creating language bindings among other
License: GPLv2+, LGPLv2+, MIT Group: development/libraries
URL: http://live.gnome.org/GObjectIntrospection Source: gobject-introspection-0.6.9-3.el6.fio.src.rpm


Latest: gobject-introspection-0.6.9-3.el6.fio.x86_64.rpm
Name Epoch Version Release Arch Size Built
gobject-introspection 0 0.6.9 3.el6.fio x86_64 160 KiB 2014-03-21 18:09:30


* 2010-03-25 - Colin Walters <walters[AT]verbum[DOTORG]> - 0.6.9-3
- Move python library back into /usr/lib/gobject-introspection.  I put
  it there upstream for a reason, namely that apps need to avoid
  polluting the global Python site-packages with bits of their internals.
  It's not a public API.
  Possibly resolves bug #569885
* 2010-03-24 - Adam Miller <maxamillion[AT]fedoraproject[DOTORG]> - 0.6.9-2
- Added newly owned files (gobject-introspection-1.0 directory)
* 2010-03-24 - Adam Miller <maxamillion[AT]fedoraproject[DOTORG]> - 0.6.9-1
- Update to latest upstream release 0.6.9
* 2010-03-11 - Colin Walters <walters[AT]verbum[DOTORG]> - 0.6.8-0.3.20100311git2cc97351
- rebuilt
* 2010-03-11 - Colin Walters <walters[AT]verbum[DOTORG]>
- New upstream snapshot
- rm unneeded rm

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