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lorax - Tool for creating the anaconda install images

Lorax is a tool for creating the anaconda install images.

It also includes livemedia-creator which is used to create bootable livemedia,
including live isos and disk images. It can use libvirtd for the install, or
Anaconda's image install feature.
License: GPLv2+ Group: applications/system
URL: http://git.fedorahosted.org/git/?p=lorax.git


Latest: lorax-18.31-1.el6.fio.src.rpm
Name Epoch Version Release Arch Size Built
lorax 0 18.31 1.el6.fio src 117 KiB 2014-03-20 20:57:06


* 2013-02-12 - Brian C. Lane <bcl[AT]redhat[DOTCOM]> 18.31-1
- add syslinux and ssm (bcl)
- Add filesystem image install support (bcl)
* 2013-01-31 - Brian C. Lane <bcl[AT]redhat[DOTCOM]> 18.30-1
- yum changed the callback info (bcl@redhat.com)
- tigervnc-server-module depends on Xorg, which doesn't exist on s390x
- tools not existing on s390x (dan@danny.cz)
- specspo is dead for a long time (dan@danny.cz)
- no Xorg on s390x (dan@danny.cz)
- Make boot configs consistent. (dmach@redhat.com)
- Dynamically generate the list of installed platforms for .treeinfo
- Add a U-Boot wrapped image of 'upgrade.img'. (dmarlin@redhat.com)
- Add trigger for Anaconda's exception handling to bash_history
- livemedia-creator: update example kickstarts (bcl@redhat.com)
- livemedia-creator: don't pass console=ttyS0 (bcl@redhat.com)
- Fix gcdx64.efi path to work for other distros than Fedora. (dmach@redhat.com)
* 2012-12-20 - Martin Gracik <mgracik[AT]redhat[DOTCOM]> 18.29-1
- Do not remove gtk3 share files (mgracik@redhat.com)
* 2012-12-19 - Martin Gracik <mgracik[AT]redhat[DOTCOM]> 18.28-1
- Fix rexists (mgracik@redhat.com)
- Several 'doupgrade' fixes in the x86 template. (dmach@redhat.com)
- Missing semicolon (mgracik@redhat.com)
* 2012-12-18 - Martin Gracik <mgracik[AT]redhat[DOTCOM]> 18.27-1
- Only run installupgradeinitrd if upgrade on s390x (mgracik@redhat.com)

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