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perl-UNIVERSAL-require - Perl require() modules from a variable

If you've ever had to do this...

    eval "require $module";

to get around the bareword caveats on require(), this module is for you. It
creates a universal require() class method that will work with every Perl
module and its secure. So instead of doing some arcane eval() work, you can
do this:


It doesn't save you much typing, but it'll make alot more sense to someone
who's not a ninth level Perl acolyte.
License: GPL Group: development/languages/perl


Latest: perl-UNIVERSAL-require-0.11-1.el5.fio.noarch.rpm
Name Epoch Version Release Arch Size Built
perl-UNIVERSAL-require 0 0.11 1.el5.fio noarch 10 KiB 2008-11-26 00:26:44


* 2008-11-11 - Lott Caskey <lottc[AT]fugitol[DOTCOM]>
- Creation of spec file.

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