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libmemcached-devel - Header files and development libraries for libmemcached

This package contains the header files and development libraries
for libmemcached. If you like to develop programs using libmemcached,
you will need to install libmemcached-devel.
License: BSD Group: development/libraries
URL: http://tangent.org/552/libmemcached.html Source: libmemcached-0.32-1.el5_fio.src.rpm


Latest: libmemcached-devel-0.32-1.el5_fio.x86_64.rpm
Name Epoch Version Release Arch Size Built
libmemcached-devel 0 0.32 1.el5_fio x86_64 132 KiB 2011-01-24 20:16:27


* 2011-01-24 - Lott Caskey <lottc[AT]fugitol[DOTCOM]> - 0.32-1
- Build for EL5
* 2009-04-25 - Remi Collet <rpms[AT]famillecollet[DOTCOM]> - 0.28-1
- Initial RPM from Brian Aker spec
- create -devel subpackage
- add %post %postun %check section

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