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speex - An open-source, patent-free speech codec

Speex is a patent-free audio codec designed especially for voice (unlike
Vorbis which targets general audio) signals and providing good narrowband
and wideband quality. This project aims to be complementary to the Vorbis
License: BSD Group: application/devel
URL: http://www.speex.org/ Source: speex-1.2-3.el5_fio.src.rpm


Latest: speex-1.2-3.el5_fio.i386.rpm
Name Epoch Version Release Arch Size Built
speex 0 1.2 3.el5_fio i386 633 KiB 2010-10-12 11:59:35


* 2002-10-03 - Jean-Marc Valin
- Added devel package inspired from PLD spec file
* 2002-07-30 - Fredrik Rambris <boost[AT]users.sourceforge[DOTNET]> 0.5.2
- Added buildroot and docdir and ldconfig. Makes it builadble by non-roots
  and also doesn't write to actual library paths when building.

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