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kernel-PAE-module-wanpipe12-2.6.18_9999.128.1.16.fio.el5PAE - wanpipe12 kernel modules

The wanpipe12 kernel modules. This package is built for kernel %{kvers} (i686).
License: GPL Group: system environment/kernel
URL: www.sangoma.com


Latest: kernel-PAE-module-wanpipe12-2.6.18_9999.128.1.16.fio.el5PAE-
Name Epoch Version Release Arch Size Built
kernel-PAE-module-wanpipe12-2.6.18_9999.128.1.16.fio.el5PAE 0 30.el5_fio i386 6.1 MiB 2010-12-20 16:06:42


* 2010-11-22 - Nenad Corbic <ncorbic[AT]sangoma[DOTCOM]> - 3.5.18

- BRI Multi-Point fix idle 0xFF
- BRI fix for XEN virtualization
- Fixed front end interrupt issue
- wancfg_fs (fix the little bugs)
- update to support the latest dahdi-linux
- fix dahdi_scan, now reporting the right values instead of showing blank
- new echo canceler image
- fix for the echo canceler for A500 for freetdm mode.
  HWEC will turn on when there is a call on the bri line.
- Added SW HDLC into the core. B
- B601 is now supported on FreeTDM/FreeSWITCH and TMDAPI
- Added wan_fxotune utility to utils directory
  Used to tune fxo cards under TDM API or FreeSWITCH mode.
* 2010-10-08 - Nenad Corbic <ncorbic[AT]sangoma[DOTCOM]> - 3.5.17

- Critical Bug fix in WAN mode.  Bug introduced in 3.5.16
* 2010-09-27 - Nenad Corbic <ncorbic[AT]sangoma[DOTCOM]> - 3.5.16

- Dahdi 2.4 Support
- Fixed BRI B500/B700 hwec enable on call start caused in 3.5.12 release.
- Bug fix in voice+data mixed mode where dchan could get stuck due to
  dma overruns.
- Bug fix in tdmapi where excessive memory was allocated on pre-allocation buffers.
- Bug fix tdmapi defaults to 20ms chunk size instead of 10ms
- Bug fix broken support for A101/2 legacy EOL cards. 
- New XEN Support 
  TDM Voice will now work properly on xen virtualized machines
- Fix for 64bit 8gig issues
- New rpmbuld spec files.
  rpmbuild -tb wanpipe-3.5.16.tgz
  rpmbuild -tb wanpipe-3.5.16.tgz --define 'with_dahdi 1' --define 'dahdi_dir /usr/src/dahdi'
* 2010-08-27 - Nenad Corbic <ncorbic[AT]sangoma[DOTCOM]> - 3.5.15

- Fixed B600 and B601 warning messages introduced in 3.5.14
- New Firmware for A108&A104 V43
  Fixes PCI parity errors on new dell,ibm boxes
- Libsangoma added rw fe reg, and rx/tx gains
- Build script does not polute the linux source any more.
- Bug fix in B800 detect code
- Fixed wanfcg_fs for freeswitch 
* 2010-06-29 - Nenad Corbic <ncorbic[AT]sangoma[DOTCOM]> - 3.5.14

- Fixes stop script for Asterisk 1.6.2
- Compile fix in legacy api sample code
- Skipped .13 releaes went straight to 14 :)

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