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innotop - A MySQL and InnoDB monitor program.

MySQL and InnoDB transaction/status monitor.  Like 'top' for MySQL.  Displays
queries, InnoDB transactions, lock waits, deadlocks, foreign key errors, open
tables, replication status, buffer information, row operations, logs, I/O
operations, load graph, and more.  You can monitor many servers at once with
License: GPL/Artistic Group: system/monitoring
URL: http://innotop.googlecode.com/


Latest: innotop-1.7.2-0.noarch.rpm
Name Epoch Version Release Arch Size Built
innotop 0 1.7.2 0 noarch 142 KiB 2009-12-23 11:50:50


* 2007-01-08 - Lenz Grimmer <lenz[AT]grimmer[DOTCOM]>
- Updated the spec file to reflect the changes in 1.0, fixed the URLs
 - removed the reference to innotop.html, added INSTALL to the docs instead
* 2006-11-16 - Lenz Grimmer <lenz[AT]grimmer[DOTCOM]>
- Initial spec file for version 0.1.160
   (with some help from cpan2rpm - http://perl.arix.com/)

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